The Nipissing Service Navigation Guide (SNG) is a service provider-led navigation process developed by community partners in the Nipissing District. Its purpose is to increase the connection of individuals to the services they need, across the spectrum of needs related to mental health, addictions, and/or developmental disabilities.

The SNG includes four steps: (1) engagement building, (2) service matching, (3) information and referral, and (4) collecting navigation data. Service providers using the SNG will help individuals seeking and receiving services to identify and prioritize their needs and provide them with information about options for services or supports in their community. It complements and enhances existing practices and processes related to navigation and referral, and aims to improve collaboration across organizations and sectors in Nipissing.
  The SNG website is an online tool that can assist service providers using the SNG to help individuals find information about the most appropriate supports and services to meets their needs. The website can also be used by individuals looking for information about available services for themselves, a family member, or a friend.

For more information about the SNG, as well as tools for service providers using the SNG, please see Other Resources section.

Design and implementation of the SNG is being supported by the Nipissing Service Collaborative and the Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The Nipissing Service Collaborative was launched in March 2016 and includes members representing diverse sectors, such as hospital mental health and addictions, community mental health and addictions, peer supports, Indigenous supports, social assistance, housing, education, and funding. For more information about PSSP and the Nipissing Service Collaborative, please see www.improvingsystems.ca.